Annual report 2016

New business through acquisitions

Our strategy is to grow in food logistics. Our previous food logistics services include meal deliveries in about 100 municipalities, delivery of food purchased at online stores, beverage logistics for brewing industry operators, B2B supply chain solutions for dried food and transport of bakery products.

In August, we acquired Veine, a Finnish logistics company that specializes in temperature-regulated logistics and offers transport, terminal, delivery and warehousing services. The acquisition gave us the opportunity to provide our customers with competitive food logistics solutions that cover all of Finland. It has also made it possible for us to make even stronger investments in the development of food logistics.

We continued our strategic growth in food logistics and the transport of temperature-regulated products in the fall by acquiring Kuljetus Kovalainen, a company that specializes in food transport. This allowed us to strengthen our market position especially in the field of temperature-regulated transport.

One of our key goals in Russia is to strengthen our competence in e-commerce. We took a big leap in this area in the spring by acquiring the Russian courier company MaxiPost. MaxiPost provides courier services to companies of all sizes, particularly in Moscow and St Petersburg and the areas around the two cities. MaxiPost specializes in the delivery of parcels for e-commerce operators, and its customers include many fashion and cosmetics companies.

In OpusCapita, we aim to focus on strategic business areas and growth in Europe. Growth was expedited by the acquisition of the German software company jCatalog, whose solutions in the areas of e-commerce, catalog management, supplier management and procurement processes complemented OpusCapita’s Extended Purchase-to-Pay offering. The acquisition was an important step towards our aim of becoming a leader in the global buyer-supplier ecosystem.