Annual report 2016

The Supervisory Board

Posti Group Corporation’s AGM elects the members of the Supervisory Board and appoints the chair and deputy chair. The Supervisory Board is composed of six to twelve members. Persons aged 68 and above are not eligible for membership of the Board. The term of office for the members is one. The AGM elected twelve members to the Supervisory Board in 2016 and nominated Markku Rossi as the Chair and Jani Toivola as the Deputy Chair. The Supervisory Board has adopted a written Charter which lays out the Supervisory Board’s key responsibilities and working principles.

The Supervisory Board convenes four times a year following a pre-determined schedule. In addition, the Supervisory Board convenes as necessary. All meetings are documented in serially numbered minutes.

The Supervisory Board’s key duties are overseeing that the company is managed according to law and the bylaws, providing the Board with guidance on issues of broad implication, monitoring the functionality of postal services, and providing the Annual General Meeting with a statement regarding the financial statements and the auditors’ report.

Posti’s Supervisory Board 2016

Member Born Education Occupation Attendance at meetings
Markku Rossi (Chair) 1956 Vocational Qualification in
Business and Administration
Member of Parliament 4/4
Jani Toivola
(Deputy Chair)
1977 Actor Member of Parliament 2/4
Maria Guzenina 1969 Matriculation examination Member of Parliament 4/4
Marisanna Jarva* 1981 Master of Administrative Sciences Member of Parliament 3/3
Rami Lehto 1973 Electric Power Technology Technician Member of Parliament 4/4
Eeva-Maria Maijala 1967 LL.M. trained on the bench Member of Parliament 4/4
Sari Moisanen 1980 B. Eng. Program Chief, House of Lapland 4/4
Mats Nylund 1964 Vocational Qualification in Agriculture Member of Parliament 4/4
Juha Pylväs** 1971 M. Agric., Agronomist Member of Parliament 1/1
Sari Raassina 1963 Licentiate in Medicine Member of Parliament 4/4
Lulu Ranne 1971 M.Sc. (Tech.) Project and Environmental Expert 4/4
Satu Taavitsainen 1977 Bachelor of Social Services Member of Parliament 4/4
Kari Tolvanen 1961 Master of Police Services Member of Parliament 3/4

*) Until October 13, 2016
**) As of October 27, 2016