Annual report 2016

Remuneration Statement

The aim of the Group’s reward policy is to motivate competent personnel at all organizational levels and increase their commitment to the company, as well as to reward them for results and successful outcomes.

The company’s Board of Directors determines the principles according to which executive management and key personnel are remunerated and receive bonuses annually, on the recommendation of the Personnel Committee (previously Remuneration and Nomination Committee).

Posti complies with the state-ownership guidelines concerning the remuneration and pension benefits of executive management.

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Policy, representing the Government Ownership Steering Department, issued a new statement on the remuneration and pension benefits of management in companies with State ownership on August 13, 2012. All reward schemes that begin after the issuance of the statement are in compliance with the guidelines contained therein.

All previous reward schemes are in compliance with the Cabinet Committee on Economic Policy’s previous statement from 2009.

The Remuneration Statement is available in full at