Annual report 2016

Risk management

The Group's risk management, based on the principles of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), covers all Group operations and forms an integral element of Posti's management and strategy processes. Its aim is to secure and improve business profitability and the achievement of strategic goals by reducing the likelihood of risk occurrence and the impact thereof, and by supporting the exploitation of business opportunities. Risk is the possibility that an event will occur in Posti and adversely affect the achievement of objectives. A business opportunity, in turn, is defined as an event whose effective utilization will positively affect the achievement of objectives.

Risk identification, analysis, and the planning of risk management measures is carried out once a year as part of the Group's strategy process. The status of the risk profile and management measures is, in addition, updated regularly once a year and whenever significant risks are identified or the profiles of major risks undergo material changes. The Group's risk portfolio is compared against the risk-bearing capacity based on a financial model developed within the Group.

Posti Group's comprehensive risk management policy is available at

Risks are also described in Posti Group's Corporate Governance Statement and the Board of Directors' Report.