Annual report 2016

Responsible employer

Posti’s Voice employee survey is aimed at all employees. The questionnaire was conducted in September in Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. A total of 11,380 Posti employees completed the questionnaire, which represents 70 percent of all personnel (2015: 62 percent).

The questionnaire’s key indicators are the dedication index (38 percent, 2015: 47 percent) and the performance facilitation index (52 percent, 2015: 58 percent). The results reflect the fact that Posti is in a period of transformation. The future is seen as uncertain. However, the results indicate differences between units. Posti is a large organization that is undergoing rapid changes.

The results of the questionnaire have been discussed by the Executive Board. A number of common themes were included in the action plan for 2017: prioritizing activities, highlighting the positives, management having an active presence in day-to-day operations and increasing dialogue within the organization.

OpusCapita’s employee survey emphasized the practical implementation of culture management. The questionnaire was conducted in fall 2016. A total of 1,633 employees completed the questionnaire, which represents 84 percent of all personnel (2015: 81 percent). The questionnaire emphasized the realization of credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaradarie in the company. The respondents rated the statements in the questionnaire on a scale of 1–5. The results indicate the percentage of respondents who somewhat agree or fully agree with the statements (responses 4 and 5 on the scale). The result for 2016 was 65 percent, which represents an improvement from the previous year (2015: 61 percent). This is a significant improvement considering the size of the company. OpusCapita benchmarks its performance mainly against the largest multinational corporations in Europe. The target is to elevate the result to a level above 70 percent.

A fresh start with the help of the Uusi polku program

The delivery volumes of letters and publications are decreasing rapidly as a result of digital communications. Posti’s business is undergoing a major transformation. Posti has had to conduct a number of cooperation negotiations based on production and financial reasons with personnel representatives. As a responsible employer, Posti invests in helping its personnel cope with the changes brought about by the circumstances. It is important for Posti to seek solutions related to personnel impacts in cooperation with personnel organizations.

Uusi polku (New path) is a support program for Posti’s personnel launched in January 2014. By the end of 2016, a total of 2,523 employees had applied for the program, and 1,782 had been accepted. The program was established to provide financial and personal support to Posti employees interested in building a new career path through a new job, studying or entrepreneurship.

Posti is actively monitoring the effectiveness of the program for its participants. A total of 92 program participants have found a new occupation. In 2016, personnel reductions amounted to 1,383 person-years. Out of this total, 417 person-years were related to production and finance, 39 person-years were reduced through voluntary resignation and pension plans, 857 person-years were reduced via the Uusi polku program, and 70 person-years were reduced in relation to acquisitions.

Responsible Summer Job campaign

Posti received a total of 7,000 summer job applications and provided summer jobs to approximately 2,500 people across Finland. While the majority of the summer workers were employed in mail and publication delivery operations, some also worked in sorting, transport, warehouses, customer service and administration.

As in previous years, Posti again participated in the national Responsible Summer Job campaign. The campaign has seen Posti make a commitment to the principles of a good summer employer.

A summer job gives young people the opportunity to learn more about working life. Posti wants to offer young people unique experiences and diverse duties. A large proportion of Posti’s summer workers are students, many of whom come back to work summers at Posti time after time.