Annual report 2016

Sustainability in Posti’s day-to-day operations

As Posti sheds its skin time after time in response to changing customer needs, it always remains a reliable partner. Posti’s journey of nearly 400 years has seen great changes.

Posti’s most significant task in society is to ensure smooth daily life for Finnish consumers and businesses. Each weekday, Posti visits the front door of some 2,8 million Finns, and serves approximately 200,000 business customers per year. The past year was a challenging one for Posti. Posti’s basic business is undergoing a transformation as digitization erodes letter and publication delivery volumes at an annual rate of approximately 10 percent. The effects of the reform of the Postal Act will become apparent in the near future.

Posti is a state-owned company that operates on market terms, whose financial responsibility is based on transparency and profitability. Posti wants to grow profitably, as only a financially sound company can implement its sustainability practices.

In its tax footprint reporting, Posti adheres to the country-specific tax reporting guidelines for companies of which the state is the majority shareholder, issued by the Ownership Steering Department on October 1, 2014.

At Posti, sustainability and responsibility are part of day-to-day work, management and risk management. Management is based on Posti’s corporate values. Good management supports the achievement of targets and fosters a positive work atmosphere. Posti’s corporate values are also the foundation of the Posti Corporate Responsibility Principles. Updated in fall 2016, they also take into account the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

As a work community, Posti is equal, international and diverse. The constantly changing business environment and the pursuit of new growth give rise to new competence requirements. Posti develops the competence of its personnel in new services and their ability to address the opportunities of digitalizing business.

Posti received 7,000 summer job applications during the year. Posti provided summer jobs to approximately 2,500 people across Finland. Posti again participated in the national Responsible Summer Job campaign.

Posti’s goal is to provide healthy and safe work and a healthy and safe working environment for its employees. In promoting safety at work, Posti’s focus is on proactive measures. Accident prevention is a shared responsibility. While safety at work comes down to more than just shoes, using appropriate footwear is a significant factor in safety. Posti’s early-morning delivery personnel received new slip-resistant cold-weather shoes for the winter.

Posti’s environmental program aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 30 percent by 2020, in relation to net sales (compared to 2007). Posti was among the first to join the new energy efficiency agreement period 2017–2025. The agreement is a voluntary commitment to improve energy efficiency.

Posti uses only green electricity and, in the future, part of it will be produced by Posti itself. Last winter, Posti mounted 1,920 solar panels on the roof of its Vantaa logistics center.

Since 2011, Posti has provided its customers with carbon neutral mail delivery in Finland at no extra cost. Posti Green services are part of Posti’s environmental program. The product-specific Posti Green calculation process and customer reporting was verified by a third party in summer 2016.

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Areas of corporate responsibility

Posti’s sustainability is divided into social responsibility, personnel responsibility, environmental responsibility and financial responsibility. Based on Posti’s materiality analysis, the key areas of sustainability were defined as being a responsible service provider, sustainable business, creating value for stakeholders and engaged multi-skilled employees. Rather than being separate, these areas overlap in many ways.

Indicators and targets of sustainability